Founded in 2015 and located in central Virginia, Dancing Sheltie Farms specializes in both affordable and sustainable homesteading.



Q: What is homesteading?

A: Homesteading is a combination of subsistence farming and cottage industries aimed towards promoting a relatively self-sufficient lifestyle. Basically, a homesteader will work towards reducing their reliance on resources that do not come directly from their own properties.

Q: Ok, but why do you homestead?

A: If you ask 5 homesteaders why they homestead you very well may get 6 different answers. As to why we homestead, we do it because it is fun! Were you that kid that had a dozen pets and always liked to do things your own way? So were we!

Q: So it is just a game then?

A: No, while we do have fun we take homesteading very seriously and devote quite a bit of what free time we have to it. That isn’t to say there aren’t ways to make things a little more efficient and at the same time reduce your costs in terms of time and resources.

Q: What products do you produce?

A: Currently our products are limited to farm fresh eggs (depending on availability), baby chicks, and handmade soap. We take gradual steps in deciding which products to sell because we stand behind any product with the most simple of promises – we sell only products that we ourselves use.